• I have already signed up how come I still can’t post a job?
    JobOpps makes sure that all companies and agencies using our system are valid and registered businesses under Philippine law. JobOpps Support Team validates the company details and the requirements you uploaded in the system and will contact you immediately if we need more documents. However, you can still use the system while we are checking your company details.
  • What requirement are needed?
    Proof of company registration such as:
    • Complete Company details

    • Contact Person

    • Company Registration Number (if corporation)

    • DTI Number (if single proprietor)

    • TIN

    • POEA Certificate (if Recruitment Company)

    • DOLE Certificate (if Manpower Agency)

  • How long does it take to validate my account?
    After you have uploaded all the required documents, we will activate your account within 24 hours.
  • Can I search resumes even if my account is not yet approved?
    Yes, you can search for resumes, but you cannot send resume requests.
  • What is Credit?
    Credit is like your wallet, you need to prefund/preload before you can purchase your subscription, place ads and do search resume.
  • How much credit is the minimum purchase?
    Your credit balance must be enough to purchase any subscription (Job Posting, Ads or Resume Searching). These prices may change and we advise checking the price in our website first. You can purchase as many credits as you want to your account for your own convenience.
  • How can I purchase credits for my my account?
    Click “Get Credit” and enter how much credit you want to purchase, then select your payment method of choice. You can pay thru Dragon Pay Payment partners nationwide: Bayad Center, LBC, Over the Counter thru Bank, Online Bank Transfer.
  • Is my Credit safe?
    Your Credits will only be deducted for every successful purchase that you made. History of all your purchases can be seen in your JobOpps account under “Report”.
  • How to purchase Job Subscription?
    You may purchase subscription plans directly using your JobOpps account. You may choose to avail basic packages or unlimited packages that has more premium services depending on your usage.
  • How to purchase Resume Credits?
    You may purchase search resume credits directly from your JobOpps account. You may choose to avail individual searches or multiple searches valid for one month.
  • How to place advertisements?
    We have multiple types of ads that you can choose from. Ad placements can be viewed on the JobOpps search page, mobile feeds and landing page. You may purchase ads directly from your JobOpps account. Templated ads are provided for your convenience, you may choose which ads you want to have. Each ad runs for 30 days from the day of purchase.
  • What is Resume Request?
    Resume request allows you to request from a candidate to view their resume. A request will be sent directly to the applicant and they will be notified, if they decide to accept the request you will be able to see the complete details of their resume. Resume request consumes Resume search credits, unused or request that are denied from the applicant will not deduct credits from your account.
  • What are Rewards?
    Rewards are incentives given to active users who are continuously using the services of JobOpps. Each action corresponds to a set amount of reward points. Rewards can be viewed in your JobOpps account.


  • I have already logged in in my account, why can’t I see job suggestions?
    You need to complete your profile in your JobOpps account and include your preferred job positions.
  • What are Rewards?
    Rewards are incentives given to active users who are continuously using the services of JobOpps. Each action corresponds to a set amount of reward points. Rewards can be viewed in your JobOpps account.
  • Can I upload my resume, documents or relevant files to my account?
    Yes, you can upload documents that you may need for your applications. PDF, DOC, DOCX and RTF file are supported by the system.
  • I have already registered for an account, why can’t I log in?
    You may have not yet used your One-Time Pin (OTP) to complete the registration process. You can check your email to see your OTP.
  • What’s an OTP?
    A One-time password (OTP) is type of password that is valid for only one use. It is a secure way to provide access to an application or perform a transaction only one time. The password becomes invalid after it has been used and cannot be used again.
  • My OTP is not working, what do I do?
    Your OTP number is only valid for 10 minutes upon receiving our email. You will need to register again to generate another email for the OTP.
  • I have received a notification that somebody wants to see my resume, what does it mean?
    At JobOpps we make sure that all your personal details are safe. If a company or an employer is considering you for their job openings, they can send you a request to view your resume and make an assessment. To allow them access to your credentials, you need to accept their request to enable them to view your details and work history.